Sampling day at Summerhill Farm Shop

So yesterday I was invited to go to Summerhill Farm Shop in Cardington Bedford. This was to do a sampling of my Brownies. I ordered our uniforms, which looked great. I baked all the flavours & a Gluten Free one. I packed up the car with the help of my 2 helpers! The farm shop is lovely, selling high quality locally sourced food. We were in the marquee at the entrance which was great as when the customers arrived they saw us 1st! It was great the majority of people tried them. I received some lovely feedback. The Salted Caramel went the fastest (which I wasn’t surprised about at all!) It was great to hear everyone’s opinions. It always amazes me the difference is our taste buds, some liking the sweeter ones whilst others preferring the sharpness of the Raspberry. We even had a visit from local food bloggers…they wrote a lovely review on Twitter! The day went great with us nearly selling all our stock! We’ve been invited back as well in another 4 weeks. Hopefully this will be a regular thing.

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