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Stall at Summerhill Farm Shop

For the past 2 days I’ve been baking likes there’s no tomorrow!! My poor hens dread me going to see them in case I want more eggs! All the orders were either posted or delivered. All the shops orders were

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Ready for huge order in the morning!

The kitchens prepped in a inch of its life! The ingredients are all ready. All that’s needed is my beauty sleep ready for a 4.30am start! Thank goodness I’ve got help tomorrow with the washing up! I’ll put some photos

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Sampling day at Summerhill Farm Shop

So yesterday I was invited to go to Summerhill Farm Shop in Cardington Bedford. This was to do a sampling of my Brownies. I ordered our uniforms, which looked great. I baked all the flavours & a Gluten Free one. I

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